Additional Fees have been prescribed by Companies Amendment Bill 2017

The Companies Amendment Bill, 2017 was passed by Lok Sabha on 27th July, 2017. Strict provisions related to Additional Fees have been prescribed in the said bill. The minimum additional fees of Rs.100 per day in case of delay in filing of Financial Statements and Annual Return have been prescribed.
referred below:
Form Normal Fees
(Calculated for
the company
having capital of
Period of
Additional Fees
as per
Companies Act,
Additional Fees
as per
Bill, 2017
AOC 4 &
MGT 300
30 days 600 3000
31 days 1200 3100
60 days 1200 6000
61 days 1800 6100
90 days 1800 9000
91 days 3000 9100
180 days 3000 18000
181 days 3600 18100
In case there is default for 2 or more occasions, the higher additional fees may be charged which shall not be lesser than twice of the additional fees mentioned above i.e., minimum of Rs.200 per day.

Nitika Bansal

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